6 Years

6 years ago, I graduated high school.  God it seems like just yesterday....How fast these years have flown by!

I miss her every day, even when I don't directly state anything...Brittany is always on my mind.  I'm very positive that she is watching from above and I'm even more positive that she's saved my life a million times over.  It's not fair that she's not here with us, but I know she's off doing something new and being her amazing self.

Miss ya, M&M...But I don't remember you....Remembering means that I've forgotten, and there is no way I'll forget...

I'll catch ya on the flipside, girlie

Kaitie aka 'Squishy' aka 'Ska-weeeeeeeeeeeeesh'

For real though...I miss ya sister :)))

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  1. Beautiful post! I know, it's hard to believe it's been six years already. I'm with you, I think of her every day! I bet she's watching over both of us, and the three of us will reunite whenever the time is right!