18.5 Months as "Mom"

For the last 18 and a half months, I've been someones mother.  Crazy, right?

Dylan is great.  He's climbing and running, playing with cars and trucks, throwing his soccer ball, and just being a BOY!  He has about 12 teeth now, eats table food exclusively (and LOTS of it!), and sleeps through the night (usually) in MY bed.  I have completely given up on him being a normal kid and sleeping in a toddler bed.  I figure it's more important that he DOES sleep rather than WHERE he sleeps, yanno?

I never saw myself as the mom of a boy...and after the last year and a half, I can't picture myself without my lil guy!  He's so smart, it scares me.  He can identify most of his body parts, including:

-Penis *YES I'm teaching him the proper term for it.*
.....And he can find those parts on other people as well!  He knows the difference between himself and Mommy or Granny or Daddy or whoever...

He's also finally talking more, including:

-Thank you
-GaGa (for Granny)
-okay (usually just K)
and of course the ever popular, "shit" (But he says it when he's in trouble, or when he's actually pooped, so yanno...)

He opens the fridge if the kitchen gate isn't locked, and grabs his grapes or milk.  He understands more than he can say, which is scary!!!  As rough and tumble as he is, Dylan is also a sweetheart...He will give kisses when you ask for them, or if you tell him, "Give George a kiss" he will kiss his Curious George doll on its little nose.

My lil man is growing up too fast.  Quick, someone freeze time!!!


  1. Aww he's so sweet. I've been waiting for an update on him :) The more I read about Dyl and the other October/November babies, the more I realize how behind C actually is. He doesn't know any body parts (will point to his penis and just grunt), or if he does he won't say anything, would rather bite than give kisses, and has stopped eating a lot of the table food that he used to eat. Want to come teach my kid all the amazingness that you've taught Dyl? ;)

  2. LOL!!! The body parts came out of NOWHERE!!! I think he's learning it at daycare.