Life or something like it

Whew it's been a busy week.  Finals wore me out, but it's alright.  Passed everything except algebra (Saw that coming a mile away).  Work has been pretty good, Patrick and I haven't argued/fought over anything lately, and Dylan hasn't broken any bones.  Life = Good.

I'm just worn out.  This sinus infection is on its way out the door (today was my last day for meds) and with it now SLEETING outside (yeah, WTF!) I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the infection comes back.

My son has stolen my bed.  He will not sleep anywhere else overnight- not for longer than an hour or so.  I had some GREAT nights in his bed, he was so attached to it, and then bam....He basically said Eff You, I'm taking the big bed back!  So fine.  Whatever.  Kid can have it, I'll be getting a new bed when we move next year anyway.  So nyah.

I'm going to sleep, I think.  Here are some photos to brighten your day:

He loves bread!!!

I made Dyl a fort!

Jammin with the bottle. He's almost off of the bottle too!  Just when he's lazy!

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